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If you are looking for marketing support without hiring any staff you have come to the right company. We provide marketing support to small and medium-sized enterprises, for whom hiring a marketing professional can be burdensome. At the same time, the desire to achieve good business results on the market requires marketing activities. Therefore some companies delegate marketing tasks to a randomly chosen employee. In order to avoid hiring a full-time marketing specialist, but at the same time benefit from the knowledge of the skilled professional, another solution is needed. This solution is offered by our marketing outsourcing.

However, if your company has a marketing specialist or a department but you need a fresh concept or consultation and verification of pursued activities, we offer you a marketing consultancy.

We also offer high-quality graphic designs of advertising materials and elements of web pages, as well as the creation of complete web pages, including stores. The advantage of our offer is affordability and high standards of the realized orders. Our motto is to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the opportunities similar to those offered by advertising agencies to large corporations, but which are unaffordable for smaller entities.

Scope of our services

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“The domena-marketing.pl company realizes projects for Biuro Plus Krakow, including promotional materials such as newsletters, multi-page brochures, banners for Biuro Link. We also use of consultancy services. We were encouraged by professionalism and met deadlines.” Włodzimierz Leszczyński
The brand owner Biuro Link

“Upon set up of a shop I wanted to receive advice from a professional in the field of strategy and merchandising without incurring large costs, With the domena-marketing.pl company I was successful. I also ordered graphic designs. I was surprised by the promptness of their implementation.” Robert Lenard
Children's clothing store Lenek


“I used several consultancy graphic services.. High level of service and favorable price encourage cooperation.” Tomasz Wylandowski
Ekspert CRM

“The domain-marketing.pl helped to promote my services on the Internet. They developed a well-recognized logo. I am happy with the cooperation, and recommend everyone their services!” Katarzyna Morena
ELC - English Learning Centre

Marketing Outsourcing                         Marketing outsourcing

Element różowySupport of the marketing department

Element różowySupport of marketing activities

Element różowyExternal marketing department

Element różowySupport of sales and sales departments

Learn more about the service marketing outsourcing

Within outsourcing we offer:

  • a complete marketing service to an enterprise through the external marketing department, namely a unit outside your organization but closely cooperating with it at every stage of marketing activity: from strategy and budgeting, the implementation and to the monitoring of results,
  • support the marketing department through delegated specialist who will supervise the course of department work and assist the implementation of marketing activities, share the knowledge and experience. The specialist will also help introduce new people into work of the marketing department, and create division.
  • support the implementation of marketing activities, which due to limited personal resources cannot be carried out by company’s own means,
  • support of sales and sales departments – with our experience and knowledge of how commercial departments and customer service function, we offer assistance in increasing the efficiency of the functioning of these departments, as well as in planning incentive programs for their employees.

By outsourcing:

  • you bring down the cost of pursuing business - outsourcing is cheaper than running entire marketing department, which depends on the employment of high class specialists to function properly and requires financial expenditures for office, hardware, software and training,
  • you get the support of skilled professionals in different areas of marketing.


Marketing consultancyEffective consulting

Element różowyMarketing audit

Element różowyMarketing research

Element różowyMarketing strategies, brand strategies

Element różowyOperational marketing, marketing plans

Element różowyCoordination of marketing and sales department cooperation

Learn more about the marketing consultancy

Marketing consultancy comprises :

  • help assess the direction of marketing activities conducted by the Client company and direct its actions to the necessary areas necessary but unused yet,
  • marketing research enabling correct decision in terms of marketing strategy and its implementation,
  • help build a strategic marketing profile of the company which underpins marketing planning in a long term and create brand strategies, resulting in a consistent image of the company in the eyes of consumers,
  • create marketing plans which specify the type and sequence of actions in order to achieve short-term goals,
  • help coordinate marketing and sales department cooperation, which is an indispensable element of the successful implementation of marketing objectives, and which is based on proper communication and appropriate software support.

When you decide to use our counseling:

  • you receive knowledge and experience of professionals,
  • obtain ready solutions that can be implemented by your employees.


Marketing services                             Marketing services

Element różowyBrand and product marketing

Element różowyVisual identification

Element różowyRebranding

Element różowyPublic Relations

Element różowyLoyalty programs

Element różowyEvent marketing

Element różowyAdvertising materials, catalogs, brochures, leaflets

Learn more about marketing services

As a part of the marketing services we offer:

  • implementation of marketing activities for the company, brand and product,
  • preparation of a comprehensive corporate identity (from logo project, colors and fonts determination, creation of a book mark to design a brand means i.e. business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.), or its elements (logo design, business card design etc.),
  • carrying out the rebranding process, which alters the perception of the brand in the mind of consumers by changing its communicative elements such as company name, image, logo,
  • creating a positive image of the company outside and inside the company, thus enhancing consumer trust towards the company, hence public relations,
  • creation and maintenance of loyalty programs, including the development of individual award catalogues,
  • organize different events (e.g. picnics, concerts, galas, conferences) for customers and employees of the company, hence event marketing,
  • preparation of promotional materials, catalogues, brochures, flyers with projects, etc. characterized by high aesthetics, both in terms of graphics and printing realization.


Marketing on the InternetMarketing w Internecie

Element różowyWebsites and webpages

Element różowyOptimization and Positioning

Element różowyE-commerce

Element różowyGraphic design for the Internet

Element różowyCopywriting

Element różowyPromotional strategies on the web

Element różowyAdvertising management

Element różowySocial Media

Element różowyNewsletters

Learn more about Marketing on the Internet

The Internet marketing includes:

  • designing websites,
    (Web design is based on the popular engines CMS (Joomla, Wordpress) and use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP technologies, and takes into account the principles of correct organic positioning and web usability).
  • optimizing websites so that their structure and content aid positioning process, i.e., to maintain the site in high positions in search engines,
  • positioning the website, that is to plan and implement a linkbuilding strategy, hence maintain the site in high positions of the search results,
  • we offer e-commerce services- create and implement online stores and conduct an audit and introduce improvements to existing stores,
  • design web pages graphic elements (the layout, banners, etc.)
  • write the text for new and existing websites and edit material already posted on the site. We emphasize the quality and user-friendliness while creating text for the web,, while taking into account the principles of copywriting relevant to the position of the site.
  • prepare strategies promotions on the Internet,
  • manage advertising (AdWords, AdKontekst) and develop a business cards,
  • create the image of your company on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
  • design and manage newsletters.


Data security                            Bezpieczeństwo danych

Element różowyIT Security Audit

Element różowyInformation Security Policy

Element różowyInstructions to IT system management

Element różowyPreparing applications to GIODO

Learn more about Data Security Service

Our data security services include: 

  • IT security audit, to determine the level of information system security in the company. The audit identifies inefficiencies in the system, which may result in the loss of data or allow access to data by unauthorized persons.
  • the development of an information security policy, by creating a file containing a set of procedures defining the management and access to the company resources and information systems and the method of protecting them. Security policy developed by us takes into account costs which the company can bear on to implement it.
  • preparation of information system management manual used for the processing personal data
  • preparation of applications to Giodo or the registration of personal data files in GIODO.

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